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How to Become a Better Writer in 2017

Two ways to become a better writer in 2017

Every New Year, thousands, perhaps millions, of writers promise themselves that this year will be different. They’ll devote more time to becoming a better writer. They’ll figure it out and get that writing project done. This writer may or may not have said this to herself several times before, and may or may not have […]

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The Unexpected Benefits of a Writers Retreat

The Unexpected Benefits of a Writers Retreat--you go to learn and write, but the unexpected benefits make it worthwhile. Click to read more.

Gotta love the extras, the unexpected benefits, and all the lagniappe life brings. When it comes to a group writers retreat, at signup, you expect to learn and you expect to write. That’s why most choose to participate. But some of the greatest benefits of a writers retreat are unadvertised and often not part of the […]

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6 Creative Writing Tips from J-School

Writing Tips; Breath Life into Your Writing by Reporting--writing tips borrowed from journalism

When most people think about reporting, they think about journalists at the newspaper—pen always cocked and notebook at the ready. Those are the real pros. But reporting is also one of my favorite creative writing tips. Today, equipped with our smart phones, anyone can take a few quick notes or snap a picture of anything […]

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7 Steps to Writing a Book

7 Steps to Writing a Book -- Want to write a book? Here's how to do it. Click to read more.

If you’ve never written a book before, you may be wondering where to start, how to proceed, and what to do next. Have no fear. Here are the seven steps to writing a book: 1. Focus Your Book Idea Focusing your book idea means knowing exactly what your book is about and being able to […]

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The Art of Book Structure

The Art of Book Structure -- Why every book needs it and how to figure out yours. Click to read more.

What’s a book? Well, it’s about a hundred or two hundred pages of writing. But a book is more than that. A book has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s communicates a cohesive idea or story. And a book takes the reader on a journey that builds trust as it goes—trust that the author knows […]

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How to Get a Book Published

How to Get a Book Published--Tips for scoring that publishing contract. Click to read more.

Many writers dream of getting a book published by a major publishing company. In fact, it’s how some define success. Just the other day I had lunch with a potential editing client who felt getting published—complete with lucrative publishing contract—was more important that writing a great book. But as aspiring authors, how can we help […]

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Memoir Definition; Memoir Writing 101

Memoir Definition--Memoir Writing 101, just in time for back to school. Click to read about the memoir basics.

If you’re writing a memoir, or thinking about it, then perhaps the best place to start is with the genre itself. Memoir Definition What is a memoir? A memoir is a story drawn from real life. That means a memoir is nonfiction. It’s truthful, not made-up, and not a dramatization of actual events. A memoir […]

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Writing Cruise FAQs

Writing Cruise FAQs--Is the Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise right for you? Click to find out more.

I know what you’re thinking. Well, at least I’m going to pretend I do for a few minutes. I’ve gotten lots of questions about my upcoming Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise. So if you’re thinking what I’m thinking you’re thinking, then here are your answers. Is this writing cruise for me? Maybe. If you’ve […]

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