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How to Get a Book Published

How to Get a Book Published--Tips for scoring that publishing contract. Click to read more.

Many writers dream of getting a book published by a major publishing company. In fact, it’s how some define success. Just the other day I had lunch with a potential editing client who felt getting published—complete with lucrative publishing contract—was more important that writing a great book. But as aspiring authors, how can we help […]

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14 Benefits of Becoming an Author

14 Benefits of Becoming an Author--some you'd never expect!

Authoring a book requires a big investment in time, effort, and money. With the writing, editing, and production work required to publish a book, it can take years before it’s done. And if you can’t write the book yourself, hiring a ghostwriter costs as much as—a client once told me—a car. Not a fancy car, […]

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How to Publish a Book

How to Publish a Book; Traditional vs. Self-Publishing and How to Decide What's Right For Your Book

Every aspiring author wonders about how to publish a book. That’s the payoff for spending all that time writing, right? But with so many options available today (self-publishing, ebooks, traditional publishing, print-on-demand, etc.), if you want to publish a book, then you have a lot to think about! Traditional Vs. Self-Publishing Many writers feel the […]

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How to Write a Book Elevator Pitch

book elevator pitch

Imagine you’re at a party, mingling with a crowd of people, enjoying the light conversation (or suffering through it from behind a pleasant façade), when someone asks about your book. It inevitably happens—people hear you’re a writer or author and the topic comes up. And so there you are, with your drink in one hand […]

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