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How to Become a Better Writer in 2017

Two ways to become a better writer in 2017

Every New Year, thousands, perhaps millions, of writers promise themselves that this year will be different. They’ll devote more time to becoming a better writer. They’ll figure it out and get that writing project done. This writer may or may not have said this to herself several times before, and may or may not have […]

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6 Creative Writing Tips from J-School

Writing Tips; Breath Life into Your Writing by Reporting--writing tips borrowed from journalism

When most people think about reporting, they think about journalists at the newspaper—pen always cocked and notebook at the ready. Those are the real pros. But reporting is also one of my favorite creative writing tips. Today, equipped with our smart phones, anyone can take a few quick notes or snap a picture of anything […]

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A Self-Editing Checklist for Aspiring Authors

Self-Editing Checklist--Steps for self-editing and polishing your book manuscript.

When writing a book, finishing your first draft is a huge accomplishment. It’s seriously worth celebrating. Have a drink; post about it on Facebook; take a picture of your manuscript and put it on Instagram. But don’t get carried away because your work on your manuscript is far from done. It’s not ready to share […]

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