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Writing Cruise FAQs--Is the Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise right for you? Click to find out more.

I know what you’re thinking. Well, at least I’m going to pretend I do for a few minutes.

I’ve gotten lots of questions about my upcoming Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise. So if you’re thinking what I’m thinking you’re thinking, then here are your answers.

Is this writing cruise for me?

Maybe. If you’ve always wanted to write about your life, but you’re not sure where to start, this program will help clarify what your story is really about and show you how to arrange your experiences into a compelling book.

If you have a collection of blog posts, journal entries, articles, or other short pieces you want to develop into a book, this workshop will help you find the thread that connects all your ideas and organize your material into cohesive and compelling manuscript.

And if you’ve got a draft or partial draft that you’re not happy with and know needs improvement, this workshop can help you figure out what’s missing and how to make your book work.

This writing workshop is not for you if you aren’t interested in writing to be read. (That means publishing of any kind, whether you’re pitching agents or giving it to your family.) It could be helpful for people interested in writing fiction, but it’s not the ideal program. And it’s not ideal for people interested in writing a self-help or business book because we’ll be focusing on creative writing techniques.

What if I don’t have a book idea in mind?

That’s okay. A big portion of the program will focus on developing your idea. So if you suspect you have a book inside you—and because you’re here reading, I suspect that you do—then we’ll find it.

What if I haven’t been writing for a while…like a long while?

That’s okay too. One of the hardest things about becoming a writer is developing a writing practice. We all have to learn how to show up at your desk every day and work. This, admittedly, is not something you can accomplish on a four-day workshop.

But when you register for this writing cruise, you’ll get an assignment from me first thing. And every couple of weeks, I will send you an e-mail lesson designed to get you writing and prepare you for the work we’ll do on the cruise. The writing cruise is a long way off, but your writing practice starts as soon as you make the commitment and register.

Now Booking--The Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise for Memoir Writers

Won’t I get distracted by all the fun things to do in the Bahamas? Isn’t this supposed to be a writing retreat?

Okay, so this isn’t exactly the kind of writing retreat where you hole up in a cabin somewhere and write for days straight, stopping only to make more coffee. While you’re on the boat, you’ll be attending classes with me. And yes, when the boat slides into port at the fabulous Bahamas, there will be lots to do besides write.

But here’s the thing. When I started thinking about this program and what I wanted to do for people, one goal really stuck out for me: I want to rock their writing life. It’s silly, I know. But that’s how I envision this writing cruise.

This isn’t just about teaching creative writing or helping you plan and write your memoir. It’s about helping you become the writer you want to be. I’ll teach you how to establish your writing habit, help you develop your writing skills, and show you how to produce more work. And that’s not the kind of thing that happens in four days. So you’re right—this isn’t the kind of retreat where I’m promising you’ll get a ton of writing done while you’re on the boat.

It is the kind of retreat where, starting as soon as you register for the workshop, you’ll get assignments and gentle prods from me to start your writing practice now. And so by the time we get together next March, you’ll have a body of work to develop and shape. Which is probably a lot more than you have right now, right?

And seriously, I don’t want you to hole up on the ship to write instead of exploring the Bahamas. The beauty of any retreat that takes you to any location is getting out of your everyday existence so you can learn and grow. I want you to see a different part of the world, experience new sights and smells and sounds. I want you to experience life in another place, even just for a few hours. Because all of that will make you a better writer too.

How is this program different from all the other writing workshops?

Unlike other memoir writing classes, the goal of the Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise is developing a project.

So instead of developing a writing practice so you can practice in your journal, we’ll be developing a writing practice so you can complete pieces of writing. Whether that’s a book-length memoir or a collection of shorter pieces. Something you plan to share publicly, or something you want to share with your family.

And I won’t be teaching you the fundamentals of creative writing so you understand creative writing; I’ll be teaching you how to apply creative writing techniques to your project.

It’s past August 1, 2016—does that mean the price will go up?

Okay, so here’s the deal. Back when I planned the writing cruise, I reserved eight cabins on the Carnival Elation at the price listed on my information page. That reservation expired on August 1. So now the price is subject to fluctuations determined by Carnival.

However, I talked to the cruise people and the price, at least for now, is stable. But I don’t know how long it will stay there. And once the boat is filled, the boat is filled. So although there’s still time to get in on the cruise, booking now guarantees you get the best price. And I think you should.

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