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14 Benefits of Becoming an Author

14 Benefits of Becoming an Author--some you'd never expect!

Authoring a book requires a big investment in time, effort, and money. With the writing, editing, and production work required to publish a book, it can take years before it’s done. And if you can’t write the book yourself, hiring a ghostwriter costs as much as—a client once told me—a car. Not a fancy car, […]

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A Self-Editing Checklist for Aspiring Authors

Self-Editing Checklist--Steps for self-editing and polishing your book manuscript.

When writing a book, finishing your first draft is a huge accomplishment. It’s seriously worth celebrating. Have a drink; post about it on Facebook; take a picture of your manuscript and put it on Instagram. But don’t get carried away because your work on your manuscript is far from done. It’s not ready to share […]

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